Free Baby Car Seats Programs 2024: Guide for All 50 US States

Summery: Free Baby Car Seat Programs In All 50 US States

– 🚼 There are government programs, charities, church programs, giveaways, and other resources that provide free car seats in all 50 US states.
– 🚼 WIC (Women, Infants, and Children) and Medicaid are potential sources for free car seats. WIC may require a short class to learn about car seat safety, while Medicaid may require enrollment and a car seat safety course.
– 🚼 Insurance companies and local police stations or fire departments may offer free car seats, sometimes after accidents or through installation programs.
– 🚼 Local churches, hospitals, and organizations like Buckle Up for Life can help connect low-income families with free car seat resources.
– 🚼 Each state has its own specific programs and resources for free car seats. The chunk provides specific examples for Alaska, Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, and more.

– 📞 Baby Talk Pregnancy and Newborn Education offers a free educational course where participants can get a free car seat after completing the course.
– 🎓 The Baby Talk program requires attendance at all 6 prenatal education program sessions to receive a Graco infant carrier.
– 👩‍⚕️ Injury-free Coalition for kids provides car seats to hospitalized patients regardless of their financial situation.
– 🚗 Cornell Police offers free child safety seats to the Cornell community and requires enrollment in specific public assistance programs or being below a certain income level.
– 🏥 Ashland County Health Department has a free car seat program and requires documentation of income for qualification.
– 🎗️ Maine provides free car seats to those enrolled in government programs like WIC, Medicaid, TANF, or SNAP.
– 🤰 Holy Cross Health in Maryland offers a Kids in Safety Seats car seat rental program for 9 months.
– 🚗 Boston Medical Center and Boston Children’s Hospital provide free car seats in Massachusetts and offer education and training on proper usage.
– 🚀 Michigan state police have a car distribution program for booster seats and there are other resources available in Michigan for obtaining reduced-cost car seats.
– 🚗 Minnesota offers directories and programs through Office of Traffic Safety, Everyday Miracles, and health systems to provide free car seats.
– 🚀 Nebraska offers training and education on car seat usage through Children’s Hospital & Medical Center and Safe Kids.
– 🚗 Baby’s Bounty in Nevada provides essential baby items, including convertible car seats, after completion of their Safe Sleep & Baby Basics class.
– 🚗 Well Sense Health Plan covers free car seats for eligible individuals in New Hampshire.
– 🛒 Ardent Solutions in New York has a Car Seat Distribution Program for low-income families with eligibility criteria.
– 🚗 Ohio Buckles Buckeyes (OBB) program provides child safety seats and booster seats to eligible low-income families in Ohio.
– 🚗 Infant Crisis Services in Oklahoma offers car seats at distribution events for families in need who meet certain criteria.
– 🚗 Josephine County in Oregon and Umatilla Morrow County Head Start offer reduced-cost car seats to low-income families.
– 🚗 Child Passenger Safety Program in Pennsylvania provides free car seats to eligible individuals with a healthcare provider’s prescription.
– 🚗 Hasbro Children’s Hospital in Rhode Island collaborates and conducts research to promote a safe future for children.

– 🚸 Through the Seats 4 Safety Program, low-income families in South Dakota can receive free car seats and training.
– 🚸 The Shelby County Health Department in Tennessee offers car seats for $10 each through their Child Car Seat Program, with certain eligibility requirements.
– 🚸 Tennessee Department of Health has a seat distribution program using fines collected from non-compliant drivers, providing car seats to low-income families.
– 🚸 In Texas, the Health and Human Services department offers a statewide program that provides education and car seats to low-income families, with certain requirements.
– 🚸 Utah’s Salt Lake County Health Department provides reduced-cost car seats and requires a one-hour class for qualification.
– 🚸 Vermont’s Safety Seat Voucher Program provides free car seats to low-income families, and the Essex Police Department offers free car seats to those who have received a voucher.
– 🚸 The Virginia Department of Health has a Low Income Safety Seat Distribution and Education Program that provides free car seats to qualifying families.
– 🚸 Safe Kids Clark County in Washington offers safety classes and clinics, with reduced-cost car seats available for eligible families.
– 🚸 Two Hearts Pregnancy Aid provides free brand new car seats to children in need in Washington state.
– 🚸 The Gabriel Project of West Virginia offers car seats, along with other necessary items, to pregnant women and families in need.
– 🚸 Injury Free Coalition for Kids of Milwaukee partners with Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin to provide free car seats and education.
– 🚸 The Wisconsin Department of Transportation, Safe Kids Wisconsin, and Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin collaborate to provide resources and training for child passenger safety.
– 🚸 Cheyenne Regional Hospital in Wyoming participates in the Kohl’s Car Seat Distribution Program, providing car seats to those in need. The Teton County Car Seat Program also offers car seats to low-income families.

Free Baby Car Seats Programs 2024: Guide for All 50 US States

If you have a baby on the way and a tight budget, it’s important to prioritize necessities like a safe car seat.

What do you do?

In the USA, there are various resources available, such as government programs, charities, church programs, giveaways, and more, that offer free car seats in all 50 states.

This guide provides links to all of them.

We conducted extensive research on free car seat programs in America. Please click on a state above to explore the best program for your needs.

What Car Seat Do You Need? (Video Tutorials)

National Free Car Seats (2024)

WIC (Women, Infants, and Children) is a resource to consider when searching for a complimentary car seat.

Please inquire with them about their free car seat program if you are already enrolled in WIC. Many WIC programs require participants to attend a short class on car seat safety and usage. In return, you will receive a voucher that can be used to purchase a car seat.

If your local WIC does not offer this program, you can inquire about other local programs, charities, or resources that may be able to assist you.

If you meet the requirements for Medicaid, you may be able to have a car seat provided at no cost. To determine eligibility, complete an online application on the Health Insurance Marketplace website, specifically for Medicaid and car seat coverage.

Typically, Medicaid requires enrollment in a short car seat safety course prior to approving a complimentary car seat.

The course is designed to educate participants on the importance of using car seats and the proper methods and techniques for their installation.

Many insurance companies offer complimentary car seats to new mothers or pregnant women who are insured.

Please contact your insurance company, as they may be able to cover the cost or provide a car seat directly. The contact number can be found on your insurance card.

Local police stations or fire departments are often a reliable source to obtain a free car seat. Additionally, they may offer free car seats after accidents, but it is important to inquire and request assistance.

These individuals are professionally trained and frequently organize programs for the free installation of car seats.

They can also assist you in locating new car seats at no cost, as they have knowledge of different charitable organizations.

Additionally, individuals may seek assistance from their local church, which can connect them with charitable organizations or institutes that offer resources to families with limited incomes.

Hospitals are a potential source of free car seats, as they can provide assistance or refer you to local resources.

Buckle up for life has donated a total of 61,858 car seats to low-income families.

They work nationally and collaborate with various local organizations to provide resources, education, and training to parents across the country.

Families in need who participate in child passenger safety classes are eligible to receive a complimentary car seat.

Alaska Free Car Seats

The Center for Safe Alaskans’ Child Passenger Safety (CPS) Program promotes car seat and booster seat use to help keep children safely secured when traveling in a motor vehicle, in accordance with state laws.

They offer car seats to families in need for a small donation.

Mat-Su Services for Children and Adults conducts regular car seat safety checks for the public.

These events are free and offer information on selecting the appropriate car seat or booster seat for your child, as well as hands-on instruction on proper installation, correct use, and other factors essential for safe car seat usage.

There are limited car seats available that can be obtained after completing the training.

The Juneau Police Department provides car seat inspections free of charge during the week, but appointments are required.

During this free inspection, Certified Child Passenger Safety Technicians will provide assistance and evaluate the correct usage, safety, and installation of car seats.

Replacement seats may be available at a low cost for eligible individuals.

The Juneau Police Department serves as the Southeast Alaska Agency for child booster seats. For further details, please reach out to 907-586-0600 and ask for Officers Kathy Underwood, Jennifer Adams, or Blain Hatch.

Alabama Free Car Seats

The Children of Alabama is an organization that aims to offer individuals with a variety of healthcare options.

There are various programs available for low-income individuals, including bike helmets priced at $10 each and car seats provided at no cost.

Free car seats are provided only to Children’s of Alabama patients who do not have a car seat upon discharge.

Before being able to secure a seat, patients must also receive basic education.

Huntsville Hospital provides services to the AL-Madison County area, including a free car seat program for individuals on Medicaid, WIC, or food stamps. For more information, please contact them at 256-265-7296 if you are an expectant parent.

Residents of Decatur, Alabama, can contact the Committee on Church Cooperation at (256) 355-8893 for assistance with items such as diapers, clothing, and car seats, among other things.

The Broad Street Church of Christ, located in Scottsboro, Alabama, accepts donations of clothes and car seats. They can assist you with a free new car seat. Contact them today at 256-574-2489.

Arizona Free Car Seats

The Phoenix Union High School District is one of the five district schools in Phoenix, Arizona. They offer a program to distribute free car seats for residents of that area in the state of Arizona.

There are specific requirements that must be met in order to qualify for the seat, such as being pregnant, having a low income, being the legal guardian of the child, and completing basic safety education.

The Arizona Department of Health Services (ADHS) is working diligently to ensure the safety of every child in Arizona, as there are over 12,000 unintentional injury-related deaths among children aged 0 to 19 each year.

ADHS is distributing car seats from Child Safety Seat Donation Centers.

In Phoenix, there are resources available to ensure safety, even for those on a budget, such as the Child Safety Seats program offered by the Deer Valley School Unified School District.

TMC HealthCare serves over 4,000 children every year. In 2018, TMC and SKPC educated over 32,000 families and provided free car seats or booster seats to more than 2,800 families in Southern Arizona.

In 2019, they received $30,000 in funding from the Arizona Governor’s Office of Highway Safety and provided 600 seats to low-income families.

Arkansas Free Car Seats

The Farm Bureau is an organization that represents over 19,000 families of farmers in Arkansas.

Individuals interested in the farming industry have the opportunity to join the Farm Bureau and purchase an infant car seat for a reduced price of $15 through their program designed for low-income bureau members.

The Child Passenger Safety Education Program (CPSE) at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences aims to decrease car injuries in Arkansas.

They offer free education, installation, and training, as well as loaning car seats to low-income families.

Arkansas Children’s is an organization that provides car seats to low-income families in need.

They offer a program for injury prevention. For more information about the program, you can contact them at 501-364-3400.

California Free Car Seats

There are many options available in California for obtaining a free car seat for your child.

Please refer to this comprehensive guide that contains information on nearly a hundred counties. You can search for your area and check for available seats at no or reduced cost.

One option is Keen ‘Em Safe, which is operated by Pacific Safety Center. To qualify, you need to provide proper identification, proof of low-income, and proof of your relationship with your child.

The Los Angeles County Public Health Department offers various programs for parents who are unable to afford a car seat for their children.

Information about all those programs can be found here.

Residents of Alameda County can access programs, information about coordinators, and eligibility criteria here.

Venice Family Clinic also offers free car seats. The program details are as follows:

  1. Santa Monica: Venice Family Clinic Simms/Mann Health & Wellness Center
    Two-hour training for parents on child passenger safety.
    Contact Person: Camillia Villate, Prenatal Educator
    Contact Details: 310/664-7857
    Address: 2509 Pico Blvd. Santa Monica 90405
  2. Venice: Venice Family Clinic Levine Family Health Center
    Two-hour training for parents on child passenger safety.
    Contact Person: Luz Casillas, Prenatal Health Educator
    Contact Details: 310/664-7864
    Address: 905 Venice Blvd. Venice 90291

To be eligible for both programs, individuals must provide evidence of their low-income status and must be residents of Los Angeles County.

The Orange County Health Care Service has produced a comprehensive guide that includes a list of organizations offering free car seats, training, and education. To determine eligibility for the program, individuals should contact the organizations listed in the guide.

The public health department in San Bernardino county offers car seats at a reduced cost to parents who require one for their child but cannot afford it.

To become qualified, it is necessary to complete a free small course on understanding the working of the car seat. For more information, please call 1(800) 782-4264.

Residents of Yolo County who meet the eligibility requirements for low-income programs such as AFDC, CHDP, Medi-Cal, or WIC are eligible to receive a discounted car seat through the Yolo County Car Seat Safety Program.

Classes are currently being held in Colusa County at the local Family Action Centers and First 5 Colusa by a certified car seat technician.

Classes are conducted on a monthly basis in both English and Spanish.

The technician will provide assistance with the installation of your car seat during the class. The cost of the class is $20.00, and families may be eligible for a complimentary car seat.

Certified Child Passenger Safety Technicians from Family Health Centers of San Diego will provide instruction on the proper installation of car seats, including an explanation of California safety laws and assistance with car seat installation.

Participants in FHCSD’s Prenatal Program have the opportunity to receive a complimentary car seat.

To make an appointment, please call (619) 515-2428.

A car seat distribution program is available for residents of Butte County.

For more information or to pre-register, low-income families can contact 1-‎‎800-339-2941.

Plumas county offers free car seats to eligible families in accordance with their policy and procedure.

This program necessitates the presence of a Certified Car Seat Technician who can offer training and installation services for families.

For further information, please contact the Public Health Agency Clinic at (530) 283-6330.

To obtain free car seats in the Sacramento Area, please consult this resource.

Families in Fresno County have the opportunity to purchase a new car seat for $25.00 after completing a 3-hour class. For more information, please call (559) 432-2223.

Solano Car Seat Connection is a family-oriented education program in Solano County, led and coordinated by the Health Promotion and Community Wellness Bureau. It provides gift certificates to help low-income families purchase car seats.

The Shasta County Health and Human Services agency provides a complimentary car seat to expecting mothers who participate in a child safety seat class.

To qualify for a complimentary coupon, individuals must be seen by a participating doctor, have Medi-Cal coverage, and attend three Comprehensive Perinatal Services Program (CPSP) classes.

Determine your eligibility by contacting (530) 225-5168.

Colorado Free Car Seats

The Car Safety Seat and Bike Helmet Program for Children offered by Montezuma County’s public health department provides assistance to low-income families in preventing injuries to children from car accidents in Montezuma County.

Car seats are available for families at a reduced cost. More information about this program can be found here.

Colorado is a reliable resource for finding free car seats. By searching for ‘car seat’ on their homepage, you will find a list of locations that offer inspections and also provide free car seats.

Safe Kids Larimer County and its partners are providing classes for families who require a car seat/booster seat due to financial limitations.

Registration is necessary and distribution is restricted to one seat per family, per year. A $30 donation per seat is mandatory. Classes are available in both English and Spanish.

The Inner City health center has expanded its program to cover the entire state and is now providing free car seats and gift baskets to families who are in need.

Custer County no longer rents car seats but provides them at no charge. Here is the contact information for Custer County.

Elisa R. Livengood BSN RN
Director of Public Health
Custer County Public Health Agency
10 Hermit Ln #5
Silver Cliff, Co 81252
Office: 719-783-3369
Cell: 719-458-9211
Fax: 719-783-0959

Connecticut Free Car Seats

Saint Francis Hospital and Medical Center is offering car seats for a discounted price of $5 each through their The Kids In Safety Seats – CT (KISS-CT) Program. More information about the eligibility criteria can be found here.

The Pawcatuck Neighborhood Center in Pawcatuck, Connecticut, is recognized for its efforts in providing warmth and care for infants.

Vouchers are available for a variety of items, including free car seats. For more information, please contact them at (860) 599-3285.

Hope Pregnancy offers support and resources for individuals facing unplanned pregnancies.

Donations of baby equipment such as cribs and car seats are also accepted.

There is a program available that allows individuals to earn points by completing courses, which can then be used to redeem free car seats and other resources.

Delaware Free Car Seats

Delaware Opportunities Inc. is a private, not-for-profit organization that offers a car seat donation program providing free car seats to low-income families.

Additional information about the program can be located at this link.

The Delaware general health district has partnered with Safe Kids Worldwide to offer seat installation, seat checks, and seat distribution to eligible Delaware residents.

Florida Free Car Seats

The Florida Farm Bureau Federation is responsible for supporting the farmers of Florida.

The mission of the Child source Child Safety Seat program is to improve the quality and safety of the children of the Bureau’s members, with the goal of increasing the net income of farmers and ranchers and improving the quality of rural life.

Through this program, members have the opportunity to purchase a car seat of high-quality at a discounted price of one-third the retail price.

Florida Health Pinellas County is offering installation training and free education to all children’s hospitals in the Tampa Bay area.

The staff is certified by the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration, and they offer free seats to families in financial need.

Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital is a renowned institute with a strong reputation in the field of research and medicine.

Car seats are available for purchase at a reduced price of $20 for families enrolled in government-assisted programs.

For further information, please contact them at 1-800-756-7233 Ext. 4.

The St. Johns County Buckle Up Program provides discounted car seats to eligible residents of St. Johns County who are parents or legal guardians of a child.

Families must meet certain qualifications, such as receiving assistance from WIC, food stamps, Medicaid, Florida KidCare or Head Start. Please contact the St. Johns County Tax Collector’s Office at 904.209.2250 x4636 for more information.

To obtain a car seat, individuals can participate in one of Wolfson Children’s monthly workshops by contacting 904.202.4302.

Nevada Free Car Seats

Baby’s Bounty is a nonprofit organization that aims to support and empower at-risk families through education, interventions, and the provision of essential tools for every baby’s successful start.

The agency operates on a referral basis and provides families with newborns essential items such as clothing, accessories, diapers, wipes, a convertible car seat, a portable crib, and other necessary items upon completion of their Safe Sleep & Baby Basics class.

They can be contacted either by phone (702.485.2229) or email (

The blog “Free Car Seat for Low-Income Families” provides information on where to find a free car seat resource. You can find the blog here.

The Car Seats for Christy Foundation offers car seats and boosters to individuals who require them, while also promoting awareness of child passenger safety through outreach events and social media.

New Hampshire Free Car Seats

Individuals covered by Well Sense Health Plan are eligible to receive a car seat without incurring any additional costs.

To obtain a free infant car seat or booster seat for your child, simply contact the Well Sense Member Services Department at 877-957-1300 and make a request.

Pregnancy centers are located throughout New Hampshire and provide support for women experiencing unplanned pregnancies, addressing both their physical and emotional needs.

These centers offer free car seats among their services. To find out if the center in your area provides car seats, please refer to the list of centers available here.

The student-run store at Albuquerque Public School, located inside the renovated New Futures High School, offers affordable baby and toddler clothing, accessories, and furniture. A car seat can be purchased for $15.

New Mexico Free Car Seats

The New Mexico Child Safety Seat Distribution Program is funded by the New Mexico Department of Transportation.

The state of New Mexico has a contract with Lovelace health plan for the distribution of free car seats.

To benefit from this opportunity, membership in the Lovelace health plan is required.

There is a form available on this website that can be filled out in both English and Spanish. If you have any questions or need assistance with filling out the form, you can contact Lovelace customer service at 505.727.LOVE.

The Trumbull Family Resource Center offers a program to assist with free car seats. For more information, contact them at (505) 256-2005.

Los Alamos Medical Center has partnered with the New Mexico Child Safety Seat Distribution Program. Families who meet the requirements for the free or reduced-cost seat can get in touch with the OB Department at 1-505-662-4201.

Crossroad for Women offers a range of services to support women transitioning from incarceration to establish safe and fulfilling lives in the community, including assistance with purchasing a new car seat.

New York Free Car Seats

There are various programs available in New York that offer free or discounted car seats.

Ardent Solutions offers a Car Seat Distribution Program that provides for the transportation needs of newborn children until they are able to ride without a car seat.

To qualify for the car seat, certain eligibility criteria must be met, including being a low-income legal guardian and having a car in the household. More information about this program can be found here.

Washington County Public Health is also working towards ensuring that every community member has access to a car seat.

The goal is to provide low-income families with access to safety devices. The criteria for eligibility is not very strict, as you only need to be a resident of Washington County. They can be reached at (518) 746-2400.

This directory provided by 2-1-1 can assist you in locating a car seat in your area. Simply enter your Zipcode and it will direct you to an organization that may have free car seats available in your area.

Little Essential’s donation program, Wayne County’s Child Car Seat Inspections & Distribution Program, and Delaware County Public Health Service’s Delaware County Car Seat Safety Program are additional resources that may be beneficial to explore.

New Hope Family Services provides a range of essential items for expectant mothers and babies, including maternity clothing, baby formula, diapers, and baby clothing. They also offer car seats, strollers, pack and play, and some other baby furniture/accessories, when they have them in stock.

Carthage Area Hospital offers car seat inspections by a Certified Car Seat Technician. They also provide new car seats if the current one is outdated. This service is available to Jefferson County residents who need assistance with proper car seat installation. To register, fill out an online form. No documentation is required.

Parents and caregivers in Livingston County who meet the income requirements to receive SNAP/Food Stamps or WIC benefits can receive a free car seat. They will also receive information and hands-on assistance on how to properly install and use child safety restraint systems and safety belts.

North Carolina Free Car Seats

Each year, over 200 children in North Carolina lose their lives due to preventable accidents, which is a tragic occurrence.

The goal of Henderson County’s Child Passenger Safety program is to reduce the number of car accidents involving children. The program provides car seats to residents who don’t have appropriate ones and educates them on how to use them correctly.

The Alleghany Partnership for Children is located at 61 Wee Care Ave. in Sparta.

There is a fee for the service in order to maintain a continuous supply of seats. The fees are relatively minimal, with $5 for a low back booster, $15 for a high back booster, and $25 for all other seats.

B.E.A.R closet has multiple locations in NC. They assist struggling families with essential supplies for their newborns and young children. Certain locations have car seats available for a small donation. Availability may vary.

North Dakota Free Car Seats

Based on a study, it was found that 96% of parents believe they are using the car seat correctly, while the research indicates that 73% of parents are actually using them incorrectly.

The Child Passenger Safety program, run by Bismarck-Burleigh Public Health, focuses on educating parents about proper car seat usage.

Free seats are available for deserving families through Bismarck-Burleigh Public Health. For more information, please contact them at (701) 355-1540.

Safe Kids is a global organization that collaborates with local organizations to offer various programs focused on providing parents with education, training, and seat safety Check-up Events.

In Grand Forks, there are several collaborations, such as Safe Kids Grand Forks and Altru Health System, Safe Kids Grand Forks with Walsh County Public Health, and Safe Kids Grand Forks with Altru Clinic Crookston and Polk County Public Health. These partnerships offer free car seats through their programs.

Ohio Free Car Seats

The Ohio Department of Health’s child passenger safety (CPS) program, Ohio Buckles Buckeyes (OBB), offers child safety seats and booster seats to eligible, low income families in all Ohio counties on a first-come, first-served basis.

The OBB Program has distributed over 17,000 child safety seats and booster seats to low-income families in Ohio during the past five years. To qualify for an OBB seat, eligible families must attend an educational class offered by trained local CPS staff.

The OBB Program collaborates closely with regional CPS coordinators who offer technical assistance, training, and educational resources to local OBB sites in their regions.

The Rainbow Injury Prevention Center offers discounted car seats and education on installation and use for low income families. To access this program, please call 216-844-2277.

The Lake County General Health District, in collaboration with University Hospitals and Ohio Buckles Buckeyes (OBB), offers car seats to families who meet income eligibility requirements. For more information, please contact Helga Nicastro at (216)308-3664 or via email.

The Union County Health Department also participates in the Ohio Buckles Buckeyes program sponsored by the Ohio Department of Health.

To schedule an appointment with a certified technician, please call the Union County Health Department at 937-642-2053.

The Cambridge-Guernsey County Health Department is a participant in OBB and offers free car seats to low-income families in Guernsey County.

The Family Birthing Center at Wood County Hospital in Wood County provides free car seats through the Ohio Buckles Buckeyes Program. For additional details, please contact 419-354-8932.

The Columbus Public Health Childhood Injury Prevention Program offers affordable car seats to families with low incomes.

At 35 weeks, expectant mothers and caregivers who are interested in the reduced cost car seat program must attend a one-hour class. After completing the class, they will have the option to purchase a car seat for approximately $30 to $40, or a booster seat for $10.

The Vineyard Columbus program provides support for women going through an unplanned pregnancy.

The resource center relies on community donations to provide baby items for infants up to 18 months to those in need.

To receive assistance, a 30-minute intake meeting is required with no qualifications necessary. Items are provided four weeks before the mother’s due date and after the baby is born.

The items that may be included are baby clothing, bottles, diapers, blankets, pacifiers, formula, baby food, car seats, bouncers, and swings. The address is 6000 Cooper Road Westerville, Ohio 43081, and the contact numbers are 614-259-5467 or 614-259-5318.

Oklahoma Free Car Seats

Infant Crisis Services is an organization located in Oklahoma City that provides assistance to babies and toddlers with basic needs.

The store offers a wide range of products including diapers, formula, food, toys, clothing, books, sleepers, and more. Additionally, they hold six car seat distribution events each year on a first-come, first-serve basis.

To be eligible for the reduced-priced car seat, certain criteria must be met. These include enrollment in programs such as WIC, Sooner Care, food stamps, or other forms of governmental assistance. Additionally, the individual must be the legal guardian of the child, and if pregnant, within 6 weeks of delivery.

If the child is born, it is required for them to be present. Additionally, there is a suggested donation of $10 per seat, although it is not mandatory if you are unable to afford it. For information on upcoming event dates, please call 405-528-3663.

The Chickasaw nation offers a program that provides free inspections of child passenger seats and parent education on car seat fitting, laws and regulations, and vehicle safety for those who live in the area.

Chickasaw citizens can receive car seats if they have recalled, outdated, or wrong-sized seats. To schedule a free car seat safety check, please call (580) 421-7711.

Anna’s House Foundation is an organization that aims to provide stable and loving homes for children in state custody in Oklahoma County.

Foster families are provided with cribs, car seats, high chairs, clothing, diapers, formula, and other baby essentials to alleviate some of the financial strain of caring for foster children.

Here is a list of agencies that may be able to assist you with a complimentary car seat. Availability varies, so it is necessary to confirm with the agency in your area if they have a car seat available.

Oregon Free Car Seats

Josephine County in Oregon is implementing the Child Passenger Safety Program to ensure the safety of children in Oregon.

The program is operated by Grants Pass Fire / Rescue (GPFR). Many police officers and firefighters have become certified Child Passenger Safety Technicians after years of training and hard work.

The Child Passenger Safety Program offers car seats for as low as $10 to individuals enrolled in government-assisted programs like WIC.

To qualify, one must be a legal guardian, have a family vehicle, and learn how to use a car seat. Additionally, there is a limit of one car seat per child, which is adequate.

For more information, please contact the program coordinator, Travis Marsh, at 541-450-6200.

Umatilla Morrow County Head Start is running their own Car Seat Program, similar to Josephine County’s Child Passenger Safety Program. The program aims to provide low-cost seats to individuals facing financial restrictions.

The car seats are made available to low income families at discounted prices ranging from $10 to $30, depending on the required seat.

The Crying Babies and Shaken Baby Prevention program at Randall Children’s Hospital is worth considering. Proof of low income is required to receive a complimentary car seat.

The Albany Area Child Passenger Safety Program, in partnership with the Albany Firefighters Community Assistance Fund (AFFCAF), has received a grant from the Oregon Department of Transportation to offer affordable seats to eligible families based on income.

Families who are currently eligible for and receiving WIC benefits can obtain a referral for a car seat from Love, Inc or from WIC.

There are a limited number of free car seats/boosters available for those who cannot afford them at the PeaceHealth Sacred Heart Medical Center. To schedule an appointment, please contact Heather Gray, CPST, at 541.484.5316 ext. 319.

Pennsylvania Free Car Seats

To receive a free car seat from Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia’s Child Safety Seat Program, a prescription from a healthcare provider is required.

Participants in their program must be enrolled in PA’s SNAP and/or cash benefits program. If you are able to make a small donation, it would be appreciated by the hospital.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, please contact the Safety Center at 267-426-5000.

The Traffic Injury Prevention Project is another organization that offers assistance with a free car seat.

TIPP collaborates with PENNDOT to offer information and child safety seats across Pennsylvania via the state-wide network of loaner programs. Locate a nearby location here.

Life Line provides free assistance to pregnant women, parents, and infants in need. Donations of $15 are accepted in exchange for brand new Evenflo car seats.

Life Line provides supportive counseling, workshops on prenatal and child care, and educational materials.

Rhode Island Free Car Seats

Hasbro Children’s Hospital aims to create a limitless future for the children of Rhode Island by actively engaging in collaboration and research.

The injury prevention center at the hospital aims to protect the well-being of children by offering safety training, education, and resources to help families ensure the safety of their children while traveling.

The Seats 4 Safety Program is an extension of the vision and aims to provide free car seats and training to low-income families.

South Dakota Free Car Seats

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, an estimated 10,000 lives were saved from 1975 to 2011 by using restraints for children under the age of 5 while on the road.

If you live in South Dakota and cannot afford a car seat, Strong Families’ SD Child safety seat distribution program provides coverage for you.

South Dakota is divided into 6 regions. To find out which region you belong to and who to contact, click here.

Tennessee Free Car Seats

The Shelby County Health Department is offering car seats for a discounted price of $10 each through their Child Car Seat Program.

To complete the application, the following documents are required: Baby’s Birth Certificate, Driver’s License or State I.D., Legal Guardian or Foster Parents—Court papers, and proof of enrollment in TN Care, Food Stamp, or WIC program.

The Tennessee Department of Health operates a seat distribution program where fines collected from non-compliant drivers are distributed to local authorities, who in turn provide car seats to low-income families.

Texas Free Car Seats

Free Car Seats

Texas Health and Human Services operates a statewide program focused on educating parents about child safety and providing car seats to families.

To qualify for a free car seat, individuals must meet the criteria of low income and own a vehicle. Additionally, a one-hour class is mandatory to ensure familiarity with the usage of the car seat. For further information, please contact the Texas Health and Human Service department at 800-252-8255, where you will be directed to a local resource.

Neighborhood centers in Austin offer free services to low- and moderate-income families, including car seats for children to ensure their safety.

There are four neighborhood centers located throughout Austin. Please contact the center closest to you to schedule an appointment.

Superior Health Plan is dedicated to enhancing the health of the community by providing affordable and dependable healthcare plans to individuals.

Baby Showers are offered free of charge and led by a Start Smart care team member. These educational classes provide guidance on self-care and baby care during pregnancy.

By attending a full baby shower or using a pregnancy program app for 30 days, you can receive additional perks such as diapers and a car seat.

The University Medical Center Foundation’s El Paso Health Car Seat Safety Program has distributed 2,153 car seats since 2014. The program holds monthly clinics in various parts of the El Paso area, including east, west, and central El Paso.

Certified Child Passenger Safety Technicians (CPST) evaluate the child’s car seat for safety and proper fit during these clinics.

If the car seat does not meet safety guidelines or is not suitable for the child’s age, height, and weight, it will be replaced with a new car seat at no cost.

The objective of Simply Safety is to provide access to safety equipment for families who may not have the means to afford it.

All items are priced at cost or at a low-cost, with tax included. If the discounted price of Simply Safety is still unaffordable for a family, they may qualify for further financial assistance on specific car seats.

If a family meets the requirements, the store will provide the car seat at a variable price based on their income.

Families to Freedom accepts donations of used car seats and conducts thorough inspections. Once the seats are deemed suitable for use, they are given to individuals who are unable to afford them.

Utah Free Car Seats

Car seats can be obtained at a reduced cost through Salt Lake County’s health department. Proof of low income and completion of a one-hour class are required to qualify for the seat. For more information, please call (385) 468-4100.

Car seat prices vary depending on family income and the type of car seat.

Primary Children’s Hospital offers discounted car seats for low-income families. To receive this service, you will need to schedule an appointment. During the appointment, they will provide education and assistance with the installation of the car seat. You can contact them at 801-662-2277.

Vermont Free Car Seats

The goal of the Vermont Safety Seat Voucher Program is to provide free car seats to low-income families.

The Essex Police Department is trained in installing car seats and providing education and training. If you have received a voucher, you may be eligible for a free car seat.

BeSeatSmart does not provide complimentary car seats, but they offer a wide range of free resources.

The material includes a one-hour overview of the Child Passenger Safety Program, along with informational rack cards. Additionally, they can provide an educational display for an event.

Virginia Free Car Seats

The Virginia Department of Health Low Income Safety Seat Distribution and Education Program is offering free car seats to low-income families who are unable to afford them.

The contact number for the program is 540-381-7100.

The city of Norfolk offers a Child Passenger Safety Program which provides families with free car seats and education to improve child safety.

To contact the department of health, call 757-683-2301.

Washington Free Car Seats

Safe Kids is an international organization dedicated to improving child safety. Their local branch, Safe Kids Clark County, is currently offering a safety class and clinic. Eligible families can purchase car seats at a reduced cost of $20.

Babies in Need is a not-for-profit organization that provides essential resources to families facing difficult circumstances.

If you contact them, they will provide you with a free car seat.

The PeaceHealth Southwest Health Education Center offers classes to educate parents on child safety and proper car seat usage for road safety. Additionally, low-income families have access to reduced-cost car seats.

For more information, please contact or call 360-608-4136.

EBC accepts donations of used car seats that are clean and have not expired for at least 1 full calendar year. The expiration date can be found in your owner’s manual.

The EBC staff will provide confirmation of usability or expiration when you make a donation. If you are in need of a free car seat, they are able to assist you promptly.

As an EBC partner, Afghan Health Initiative is also able to provide children ages 0 to 12 years old with essential items such as carseats, strollers, diapers, wipes, baby pack-n-plays, bassinets, clothing, toys, books, and more.

Swedish Health Services does not provide car seats, but they do offer free WHALE kits, which stands for “We Have A Little Emergency.”

The identification program was initiated in the 1990’s by a child caregiver on the East Coast who had concerns about the welfare of the children in her care in the event of a car accident.

Emergency personnel in 34 states currently acknowledge and utilize the WHALE program. WHALE employs stickers on the windows and car seat of a vehicle to inform rescue workers to check the back of the car seat for the child’s information.

  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • Medical history
  • Emergency contacts

Two Hearts Pregnancy Aid offers free brand new car seats to any child in need. All residents of Snohomish county who are in need are eligible to receive a new car seat for each child between the ages of newborn and 2 years old.

The West Seattle Food Bank and Westside Baby collaborate to offer baby and toddler essentials, including car seats, to families experiencing hardship.

West Virginia Free Car Seats

The Gabriel Project of West Virginia primarily supports pregnant women in need and families with infants. They offer essential items such as cribs, car seats, clothing, baby items, and diapers at affordable or no cost. Feel free to reach out to them and inquire about the availability of free car seats.

Christian Help provides support to all individuals, regardless of their background or identity. Each person who seeks assistance is treated with equal respect and dignity.

In addition to Housewares Closet and Linens Closet, they also operate a Maternity/Child Closet that offers clothing, furniture, equipment (such as high chairs, strollers, car seats, bassinets), and related items including diapers, receiving blankets, bottles, and nursing pads

Wisconsin Free Car Seats

The Injury Free Coalition for Kids of Milwaukee offers various programs for children that involve collaboration with different departments and organizations. These programs aim to create a safer and injury-free future for the children of Milwaukee.

The partnership with Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin has led to the establishment of a car seat program for individuals who are unable to afford them. Additionally, they offer a fitting station and education center to ensure your child’s safety while on the road.

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation, Safe Kids Wisconsin, and Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin have collaborated to offer resources and training to parents, caregivers, and child passenger safety technicians.

Safe Kids Oconto County offers free car seat installations and provides car seats to individuals receiving government support and accompanied by a child.

The Brown County Car Seat Program collaborates with the Center for Childhood Safety to provide assistance to families in need of car seats at market price.

The Center for Childhood Safety has available appointments for certified Car Seat Technicians to check all children’s car seats. For Brown County Car Seat inquiries, please call 448-6400 and press “6” to schedule an appointment.

Here is a list of agencies that may be able to assist you with a free car seat. Availability may vary, so it is important to confirm with the agency in your area if they have a car seat available.

Wyoming Free Car Seats

Cheyenne Regional is a well-established hospital that has been providing high-quality services in the medical field for many years.

Cheyenne Regional Hospital is a 222-bed registered hospital that is involved in their community through their Kohl’s Car Seat Distribution Program.

Kohl’s has partnered with 160 hospitals across the country to provide a large selection of car seats to families in need. For assistance, please contact them at (307) 634-2273.

The Teton County Car Seat Program also provides car seats to low-income families. You can find more about the program here.

Free Car Seat Education for Parents

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