Maryland Car Seat Laws 2023: Recent Updates & Safety Resources

Here is Maryland Car Seat Laws 2023: Recent Updates & Safety Resources For Families.

The Child Passenger Safety Seat Law for Maryland is effective from 1 October 2012. Here’s a little good news: Marylanders on average use seat belts more than the national average!

Let’s keep the good news going – and safely out the little ones – by following the laws of state car seats.

Maryland’s Child Car Restraint and Seat Belt Laws 2023 – Everything You Need To Know

Child Passenger Safety laws help ensure that your child is as safe as possible when riding a car. According to Maryland’s Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA), car crashes are the leading cause of death for kids over the age of two. But many of these deaths can be limited by obeying the laws set in place for child passengers, including the use of active child restraints.

What Are The Laws For Children Passengers In Maryland?

Maryland Child Passenger Safety Laws vary by age and height. The following laws are enforced for both in and out-of-state vehicles in Maryland:

Maryland Rear-Facing Car Seat Law 2023

According to new car seat laws 2023 Maryland, children under the age of one (1) year and weighing under twenty (20) pounds must be restrained in a rear-facing car seat. The rear-facing car seat should be placed in the back seat of the car.

Maryland Forward-Facing Car Seat Law 2023

Forward-facing car seat law MD says that children who are among the age group of 1 to 4 and at least 20 pounds are required to travel in forward-facing car seats, you should use rear-facing car seats for as long as possible.

Maryland Booster Seat Law 2023

Booster Seat Laws MD 2023 requires that children who are not taller than 4’9”, not older than eight years, and are under 65 pounds should use booster seats.

Given the state law listed above, the State of Maryland suggests the following five (5) step test to determine if a child should be placed in a booster seat or a vehicle safety belt.

  • If using a vehicle seat belt, the following should apply:
  • The child’s knees should bend comfortably at the edge of the auto seat.
  • The vehicle safety belt should cross the shoulder between the neck and arm.
  • The lap belt should fit low enough to touch the thighs.
  • The child should be able to ride comfortably for the entire trip.
  • The child should be able to sit all the back against the auto seat. So follow Car booster seat laws Maryland and secure your child.

Maryland Seatbelt Law 2023

Maryland Seatbelt Law does not have any change in 2022 and the same as effective form October 1st, 2013.

  • The State of Maryland’s seat belt law is a primary enforcement law.
  • It means a driver may be detained and cited based only on the violation of the seat belt law.
  • The driver of the vehicle is responsible for themselves and other passengers under the age of sixteen (16).
  • All front outboard passengers over the age of sixteen (16) are responsible for themselves and must be wearing a seat belt.

Fines For A Violation Of The Maryland Seat Belt Law

  • A driver cited for not wearing a safety belt will receive a $25 penalty.
  • A driver transporting children under sixteen (16) will receive a $50 penalty for each child that is not properly restrained.
  • Passenger’s over the age of sixteen (16) that are not restrained will be fined $25.

When Can Child Sit In The Front Seat In Maryland?

Maryland front-facing car seat laws clearly explain it doesn’t stop children from travelling in the front seat. However, you can’t use the front seat with the rear-facing seat with the airbags activated. It can prove fatal for the children.

What About Leaving A Child In Car Alone In Car Seat Law, Maryland?

According to the Maryland child, safety seat law, the state has no laws in place that would leave children unattended in cars.

Is It Illegal To Smoke In A Car With A Child In Maryland?

Maryland car seat laws 2018 & Maryland car seat laws 2019 smoking laws do not change and same for the year 2023 also. As per Md child restraint laws, smoking in a car with a child-passenger is not illegal.

What Is A Taxi/Uber Car Seat Law In Maryland?

As per facts, Maryland car seat laws 2018 and Maryland car seat laws 2019, Taxi/Uber car seat law in MO does not have change and also the same for the year 2022. Taxis in Maryland are exempt from child-passenger laws. It’s the parents’ responsibility to keep the kids safe using a proper system. (Source)

Maryland Car Seat Law – Replacement After Accident

MD child seat laws 2023 Says, there are no laws about the replacement of the car seats after the collision. You could pass the cost to the other driver if he were at fault in the accident. NHTSA suggests changing your car seat every six years, even if you were in a significant accident. Here you can find the criteria of a minor crash.

Maryland (MO) Child Car Seat Recalls

Under Safety seat laws Maryland, from time to time, recalls are issued for child car seats. To find out about recalls, you can register with the NHTSA to receive recall information about the seat you have or search for recalls that have already been issued.

Maryland State Free Car Seat Program

For needy families, there are government programs, charities, church programs, and many other resources which provide free car seats in all 50 states in the US. It’s much helpful for parents to follow the Md child restraint laws in letter and spirit. For MD State, you can check the details here! Maryland Free Car Seat Program.

Maryland child car seat laws 2023 applicable in all cities of Maryland. There are more than 120 cities in the state of Maryland.

To Get Car Seat Help In Maryland Places Near Me

  1. University of Maryland Children’s Hospital: Child Passenger Safety
  2. Anne Arundel County (MD): Child Safety Seats Inspection
  3. Fredrick County (MD): Child Safety Seat Program
  4. St. Mary’s County(MD):  Child Safety Seats inspection
  5. The MWPH: Car Seat Installation and Injury Prevention Program
  6. Garrett County(MD):  Child Safety Seat Assistance Program
  7. Calvert County(MO) : Child Safety Seats Inspection
  8. Fitzgerald Auto Malls: Child Car Seat Inspection Info
  9. Contact Michael at Maryland State Police at 410-267-5800
  10. PCO Greene & CPL Ramirez @ Bladensburg Police Department at 301-864-6080
  11. University of Maryland Upper Chesapeake Health – call Health Link to register at 1-800-515-0044. They host the car seat events every second Saturday from 8-12. April-September are in Pavilion II parking garage- top floor at the hospital. October-March are hosted at Hart to Heart in Forest Hill because of weather.
  12. University of Maryland Medical Center’s Samantha at – 410-328-6335
  13. DES and Grasonville Vol Fire Dept to hold Car Seat Check

Helpful Resources For More Information On Maryland Car Seat Safety

  1. Maryland Department of Health’s comprehensive guide on child safety
  2. AAP Recommendations on Car Seats for Children
  3. NHTSA’s Guide for Parents and Caregivers
  4. Top 5 Things to Do
  5. Premature Babies and Babies with Medical Conditions
  6. Surprising Dangers of Infant Car Seats
  7. Booster Seat Guide
  8. CDC Child Passenger Safety
  9. Maryland Department of Health Car Seat Inspection
  10. NHTSA car seat inspection Center
  11. CPS Technician Search: Find a CPS Technician

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